Logistics play a role as one of fields, which deeply connect sales sections and production sections. To suggest the improvement of distribution site and the reduction of equipment cost, our company provides rack equipment that installs “the reliable price competition ability by production at overseas cooperative factories” and “the same quality with domestic products”.

Beginning from Heavy duty pallet Racking and palette racks for storage, our company has the responsibility to plan, product, transport, install and construct racks that are necessary for the domestic distribution sites, such as Light duty Racking and Medium duty Racking.

Product List

Heavy duty pallet Racking

The most general storage machine at warehouses and factories

Heavy duty pallet Racking

It has an advantage of the easy to structure and the low cost for utilize the upper warehouse spaces.

Mezzanine pallet Racking (Layered pallet Racking)

This is an unit stage that could effectively utilize an upper spaces by laying steel panels on the top stage of pallet racking.

Unit Stage (Layered pallet Racking)

It is very easy to construct without any bottles and much strong against any shaking. It is also possible to add various kinds of options.

Medium duty racking

Since it is not necessary to use bottles when constructing, it is easy to construct and disassembled. Moreover, it is easy to change stages without any tools since the shelf support is hook type.

Medium light duty racking

We prepare variety colors depends on equipment places and uses. It is also easy to construct and disassembled because it is not necessary to use bottles.

Delivery achievement
Product lists


Pallet racking is the most common storage equipment, which is a warehouse for delivering pallets. The maximum loadings are 500~3,000kg for a shelf and it has an advantage of both intensity and low cost toward pallet racking. A strong point of our company’s pallet racking is the low cost. It is possible to equip 50mm pitch for the height depends on the size of delivering goods.
Moreover, we use a box shape of beams and a heart shape of deck channels and it could keep intensity. We also protect the safety within warehouses by safety plans considering the earthquake prediction. We could freely plan and produce length, width, and shelf depends on the length of warehouse, the size of pallet racking, and weight of products. You could rely on our products that think importantly about safety.

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Create and provide competitive high quality logistic machine

President  FENG ZHOU

Logistics play a role as one of fields, which deeply connect sales sections and production sections. Our goal is that customers can see the activation of the logistics site, logistics speed, logistics cost down, and the logistic improvement. Also we suggest various kinds of plans depends on each customer situation. Even though our company is relatively brand new company, we create and provide competitive high quality logistic machine as our management philosophy through the network with production factories in China for customers’ business success.

Common questions

Will racking go through the installation work?

Although the office is in Tokyo, to what extent could be delivered goods?

How long would be taken until delivering goods?

Are your company selling racking and install construction in China?

Made in China, I’m concerning quality parts, is it fine?